Community Habilitation

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Our Community Habilitation Program is designed for those individuals who would benefit from more personalized attention. Individuals enrolled in the program are assigned a specific worker who is trained to help with the specific issues prohibiting a client fully realizing his/her potential. The ultimate goal of the program is to support individuals developing skills that will allow them to be more independent, either within the house or outside in the community. Such goals might be as fundamental as bed making and teeth brushing, or as complex as successfully navigating the community and interacting with strangers appropriately.

Who is Eligible

Individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disability who live at home.
Individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disability who live in group residences.

Must reside in Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, or Brooklyn.

Hours of operation are scheduled on an individual basis.


Metrocard is provided, free of charge

Petty cash is provided during various outings and events.

Should you find yourself in need of Community Habilitation services, please call our Director of Outreach at (718) 325-5021 or e-mail us at

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